1860          Formation of the Army Gymnastic Staff

1861          First Army gymnasium built

1865          Army Physical Training Regulation published

1871          Lt Col Hammersley appointed as the first Inspector of Gymnasia

1880          The first Royal Tournament takes place at London Olympia

1894          Headquarters (Fox) Gymnasium completed

1900          Command Bath completed

1906          Introduction of the Ling (Swedish) system of gymnastics

1908          First Manual of Physical Training published

1915          AGS responsible for bayonet training

1916          School of Physical & Bayonet Training formed in St Pol, France

1919          AGS renamed Army Physical Training Staff

1922          RAMC Hygiene Specialists attached to APTS Headquarters Gymnasium                    in Aldershot

1927          Major Wand-Tetley & Captain Bradley-Williams visit Ollerup to assess

              suitability of the Niels Bukh system of gymnastics

1931          Revised Manual of Physical of Physical Training published

1937          Recruit Physical Development Depots established

1940          APTS renamed as the Army Physical Training Corps

1942          “Fighting Fit and Fit to Fight” motto adapted by the Corps.

1943          First APTC Remedial Instructors Course and  training manual published

1945          Field Marshal Montgomery becomes the first Colonel Commandant 

              of the APTC

1948          Fox Gymnasium hosts the Olympic Games Modern Pentathlon

              fencing competition

1958          Army Outward Bound School formed at Tywyn

1960          APTC awarded Freedom of the Borough of Aldershot

1981          APTC awarded Freedom of the Borough of  Rushmoor

1992          First women to be capbadged into the APTC

1994          Army School of Physical Training Aldershot renamed ‘Fox Lines’

1999          APTC Display Team perform at the final Royal Tournament

2010          ‘Royal’ title awarded to the APTC

2011          RAPTC awarded Freedom of the Borough of Rushmoor

2015          Closure of ASPT Germany