New acquisitions

Climbing equipment

A collection of old mountaineering equipment from the Joint Services Mountain Training Wing at Ripon. RAPTC instructors have to be versed in mountaineering and other Adventrous Training disciplines. 

Triple Jump Trophies

Set of triple jump medals and trophies, won by WO1 (SMI) Ray Herd APTC at Army and inter-Service competitions in the 1960's and 70's.

Storming Norman Jones items

WO2 (CSMI) Jones served in the APTC during WW2 and was one of the 27 APTCI's who parachuted into Arnhem with the 1st Airborne Division in September 1944. Wounded in action, he was made POW followign the failure of the operation. He wore this jump suit at Arnhem. 

CSMI Walter Jackson objects

WO2 (CSMI) Walter Jackson served with the AGS in WW1 and received an MID for his service in France. The cigarette case was presented by the Royal Welsh Fusiliers to whom he was attached 

Zimbabwean soapstone figure

Former APTC QMSI Bob Duncan donated this soapstone figure from his time in Zimbabwe in the early 1980's. Bob was part of a British military team helping train the new Zimbabwean Armed Forces.

Scudamore medals

This collection of sporting medals and programmes. were donated by (as she was) Lt A Scudamore WRAC. The medals were won at Army and Inter-Services athletic competitions in the 1950's.

Allen letters

The Museum was delighted to receive a number of letters and photographs from the family of Corporal Walter Otto Herbert Allen, an Australian soldier who served as a PTI during WW1 and was based in Aldershot. 

They give a fascinating insight into life at the time as well as training methods during the War. Sadly Allen was killed on the Western Front in 1918.  


Senior Master At Arms Sword

Now on display in the Museum. the SMAA sword, presented to the Corps by Brigadier JPS Donnelly CBE Commondant RAPTC 2012-16 at the end of his tenure.

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