Schools and Community

The RAPTC Museum offers plenty of exciting learning opportunities for schools and community groups.

Information can be found in the Museum on History, Sports and Fitness.

The Museum features quiz sheets, trails and puzzles, as well as opportunities for dressing up as a WW1 soldier.

The Curator is happy to run tours or host reminiscence and object handling sessions for community groups.

Assault Course session 

The Museum is happy to travel to a school or other children or community group to host a learning session based on health and fitness. This ties into PE  D&T and history in the school curriculum and is appropriate for Key Stage 2. 

The session involves handling items of historic PE equipment and using art materials to build miniature replicas of assault course equipment.

Visit the Pass out parade rehearsals

Based on the Army School of Physical Training, the Museum also provides opportunities for engaging with the Army of today.

Very interesting demonstrations of gymnastics and physical exercise are held at the ASPT four times a year as part of the rehearsals for the course passing-out parades

Rehearsals are held mid-afternoon in





School groups are welcome to come and watch and this can be united with a Museum visit.


All learning and community activities are free of charge. Please contact the Curator for further details or to arrange a session that meets your needs.