Touring exhibition update

I can now provide more details on the forthcoming exhibition on sport and the Armed Forces. This is titled "As a Training Ground for War" and examines how the role of sport strengthens the Army and makes it more fit for purpose. This will be focusing on  the impact of teamwork, fitness and battle training.

Beside the RAPTC Museum, A number of other sporting and military museums have contributed objects to this exhibition. They are, the Royal Logistic Corps Museum, REME Museum, Royal Military Police Museum, Hockey Museum and National Fencing Museum. Other current day item and images have been donated by members of the Armed Forces and the Army Sports Control Board, as well as Soldier magazine.

The exhibition will be launching at the RAPTC Museum on the 2nd August and staying there for two weeks before moving on to the RLC Museum, Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre, Surrey History Centre, REME Museum and RMP Museum for two week residencies throughout August-October. 

The exact date of when the exhibition will move will be released via the RAPTC Museum FB and Twitter pages, as well as on this website.

The Design and development aspects of the exhibition are still begin worked upon but images will be released on these channels prior to the opening day.