The changing Museum

The RAPTC Museum has seen some rapid improvements over the winter with a reorganisation of the cases to incorporate some new objects and to better tell the story of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC).

Firstly, we have created a brand-new section focusing on Special Forces. This reflects the role of the APTC in training and serving with the Parachute Battalion, Commandos and SAS during and after World War Two. This case includes the medals and jump jacket used by WO2 “Storming” Norman Jones who served at Arrnhem in WW2. It also includes the uniform and some very interesting pieces of training equipment that WO2 John Pace used whilst training the SAS in the 1960’s.

Another section looks at Adventurous Training, one of the key areas of expertise of the RAPTC. This incorporates climbing, diving, skiing and other forms of outdoor training vital for testing soldiers to their limits. The display includes an extreme weather suit used by the Corps in its ascent of the West Ridge of Mount Everest in 2006, and a T-Shirt from a Battleback kayaking expedition which uses Adventurous Training to help rehabilitate injured soldiers.

Finally, we have a new section looking at the Corps today. This includes a number of pieces of gym equipment from the Army School of Physical Training, as well as pieces of kit used by Corps instructors who have served in Afghanistan. It also incorporates items from 2010 when the Corps was granted the Royal title. This includes the scroll which grants the RAPTC the Freedom of Rushmoor, encased in a magnificent glass and silver capsule. In 2011 the Corps marked this honour by parading through the streets of Aldershot, a fitting tribute to its 150-year relationship with the area.