New in the Museum!

So after a year's hard work two projects have come to fruition for the Museum.

Firstly, our exhibition on Army sport "As a Training Ground for War" is now complete. This looks at how sport is used by the Army to strengthen and enhance performance through fitness, teamwork, morale and combat training. It is part of the wider Sporting Heritage and the Armed Forces project which looks to build closer ties between the sporting and military and local communities.

The exhibition is made up of a variety of sports and military equipment which reflect the theme, such  as an Olympic medal from a wrestler who later joined the Army during WW1 and a selection of equipment used for unarmed combat during that conflict.

Objects have been donated by the RLC, REME, RMP, Hockey and fencing museums, as well as from the Army Sports Control Board and individual Army Teams, meaning it reflects the wider Army, not just the RAPTC. The exhibition is on show in the Museum until the 16th August from when it begins a tour around a number of other venues. A full list of these and dates can be found in the Whats On section of the website.  

The second project is the completion of the new Museum diorama. This is based on a WW2 assault course and has very kindly been made for us by the British Model Soldier Society (Aldershot). The results are absolutely stunning, pictures of which can be found in the Whats On section, as well as the Museum Facebook Page.

This has been a really terrific way for us to engage with the local community, as well as now having a stunning centrepiece which will be one of the key attractions in the museum from now on

So two chapters have closed, but some more projects are now underway, including a mini exhibition to honour Arnhem and a redevelopment of some of the permanent cases. Watch this space for further details. .