Life in lockdown

10 weeks into our enforced lockdown and the RAPTC Museum remains closed. This has been incredibly challenging for us, coming at a time when the Museum had made great strides and was looking to expand our audience and local presence through an enhanced programme of workshops and events.

Sadly many of these have had to be postponed or cancelled and it seems unlikely that many will come about this year. This will check the steady rise in attendance figures to the Museum over the past three years, as well as disrupting relationships which had been nurtured during this period.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel however. Courses at the ASPT are restarting this month which will bring a stream of students to the Museum, and we hope that the general public will shortly be able to able to follow suit. The enforced break has also given us the opportunity to refine our plans (as well as clearing out the backlog of photographs to be catalogued!)

Once the Museum reopens, we hope that our valued public will return in greater numbers than before, so that we have a strong end to the year which will set us up nicely for 2021 when our school and community events programme will be able to restart.

In the meantime then, we are calling out to everybody thinking of visiting the Museum once lockdown ends, it would be great to see you here this year and would provide a real boost for the Museum. We will announce on the website when we are back open so keep checking that for more information.

With your help, the year of the lockdown can be nothing more than a brief interruption to our goal of becoming an important part of the local cultural landscape and a valuable resource for both the RAPTC and local public alike.