Happy Christmas from the RAPTC Museum

So that is all from the Museum after a successful year in which a lot has happened. The Museum was successful in gaining a grant for a new medal cabinet which is now installed in the gallery, showcasing our reserve collection of Campaign, Sports, Olympic and Royal Tournament medals.

The cases were also revamped, with new updated sections on the Flag competition and exercise rehabilitation. There was also a WW1 temporary exhibition, a film about which you can find on our Facebook page  We also saw some fantastic new objects enter the museum, including the jump suit of CSMI Norman Jones, one of the APTC men to parachute into Arnhem in WW2.  

We also built up some good community ties throughout the year and this is something that will hopefully be explored further in 2019. Overall the Museum saw a fantastic 30% increase in visitor numbers from 2018, with your support we can build on that in the year ahead.

So for 2019 we have some exciting plans laid out. The Adventure Training display will get  an overdue update and their will hopefully be temporary exhibitions on sporting heritage and the Army and to mark the 75th anniversary of Arnhem.

We are also working with another museum to create a nearby WW2-style assault course which will hopefully be emerging in the Spring. A new children's trail around the Museum is also planned. You should also see some new features emerging on the website shortly after the New Year.

So with your continued support the Museum will continue to grow and prosper and keep telling the unique story of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.