A New Year for the RAPTC Museum

The New Year opens with a new website for the RAPTC Museum, the first of what will hopefully be a number of innovations designed to make the Museum more exciting and user friendly. 
2017 has been a successful year for the Museum, one that saw the arrival of a new Curator and the implementation of many changes within both the organisation of the collection and the gallery itself.

A fantastic set of graphic display walls and information panels were installed, making the museum more colourful and the collection much easier to understand. The cases were reordered and freshened up, creating a linear narrative that better told the RAPTC story. 

Some great new objects were donated, many of which are now on display, and objects in storage were rehoused and catalogued making them much more accessible for rotation.

The Museum received good support from the Corps in its work, including beginning a programme of visits from course attendees at the ASPT. The Museum also reaffirmed its connections with the wider museum community through liaising with local army museum networks.

Yet 2018 brings its own challenges, primarily based around developing the RAPTC Museum brand and building stronger ties with both members of the Corps and the local (and wider) community.

The RAPTC has been a part of the great military town of Aldershot since the formation of the Army Gymnastic Staff in 1860. This relationship is something that need to be celebrated by both sides as an important part of their shared heritage. 

Through the coming year, the Museum will be making further changes to the gallery and begin programmes for greater engagement with the public. Hopefully this will help bring the Museum to an even wider audience.        

Together, we can use 2018 to start to put the RAPTC Museum at the heart of the local community.